Software development process is mainly divided into two section

01. Front-end System

02. back-end System

A quick view of software development

The software development process is mainly categorized into two parts. The first part is the front-end system and the second part is the back-end system. The Front-end system is containing mainly Html, CSS, javascript, jquery, as well as another javascript-based library.html, which is used to make the layout of the web page while CSS is very useful to provide a layout of HTML building block (i.e HTML tags). Javascript, jquery, or other javascript based framework is used to make interaction within HTML building block. The software development process has to become very easy whenever a developer familiar with javascript. Jquery or other javascript-based library is built using javascript. Therefore is makes life so easy. Since it takes less code, therefore, development turns fast. There is various popular CSS framework available which turns the development process so fast. This popular CSS framework is bootstrap, foundation, material, etc. Therefore overall every new developer should be familiar at least with HTML, CSS, and any CSS framework, javascript, jquery for the front-end development process.

The Back-end system basically consists of the database as well as a server-side language like PHP, asp, etc. The server-side programming language is very useful to store front-end data into a database, Therefore the user\’s data stores permanently. A database is basically a storage system where data can remain permanently.

In the end, the software development process is totally based on data flow from the front-end system to the back-end system. This data flow can be done by the server and server-side language is taking data from the server and perform operations and then store these data into the database.

Front-end System

This system includes mainly two major parts. The first part is an HTML document including CSS framework and the second part is either javascript, jquery, or any javascript based framework.

An HTML document is a building block element that is widely used to make a website, software, etc. But to create a better look and make the best layout, CSS is required which is used to make the layout of the web page and provides various features. On the other hand, the CSS framework is to make the web layouts very quickly. There is a various CSS framework, but we are describing most widely used CSS framework. There are bootstrap, material, foundation, etc.

The second part of the font-end system is interaction to the HTML dom with either javascript, jquery, or javascript based framework. By using these, very easily interact with HTML documents and make them as per our required project. Whenever all the front-end system is developed then it sends to the back end system for saving front-end activity permanently.

Back-end system

Please note that the software development process belongs to the data flow process where data flow from front-end to back-end and back-end to front-end. The server is only responsible to carry data from the front-end to the back-end and vise versa. So, in the end, when data received at the back-end then the server-side language(PHP/asp/ruby, etc) performs various activities and then restored this information into the database. The server-side programming language is only responsible to interact with the database. Whenever a user required to access this stored information then in this case server-side language is used to fetch data from the database and then send it to the front-end system so that users can see the desired result.

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